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At issue is whether federal laws and constitutional and Nuremberg protections will help.  Nuremberg requires voluntary consent with full disclosure of known risks and avoidance of experimental treatments if there's any reason to believe harm may result.  The Fifth Amendment protects against abusive government authority in stating that "No person shall... be deprived of life, liberty or property, without due process of law...:  The Eighth Amendments prohibits "cruel and unusual punishments."  Harming human health is cruel and abusive.  Mandating suspect drugs violates Nuremberg, the US Constitution, and other protective laws.  Whether they'll be enforced is another matter. 
Acranio.net is dedicated to spreading truth and igniting discussion on matters often swept under the rug.

From info about US government actions (as well as dangerous precedents being set by other governments across the world), to talking about specific events, like swine flu vaccinations, that could affect all of us in very serious and potentially dangerous ways; Acranio.net will not shy away from the uncomfortable truth.

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